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Another Black Queen Guard Pleads Guilty For Getting Knocked Up w/ Baby By Thug Doing Life In Prison!

Pregnant Black Teen K!lled By Speeding Train During Photo Shoot! #iShitUNot

Fitness Beauty Natoya Wants To Disprove A Lot of Harsh Myths About Black Women!

Hoodrat Black Mom Leaves Child In Car At 2am, 3 Black Teens Steal Car & K!ll Kid! #iShitUNot

Mom Burned Alive In Car After Driver Crashes While Updating Their Social Media Page!

3 Facially Challenged Black Teens Arrested For Randomly A$$auIting Other For Their Female Gang!

Reason #345 Tommy Sotomayor's Most Offensive Rant Ever Against Blk Mothers!

2 Black Beast Go At It On The Bus Before S.I.M.P. Comes To The Rescue!

Actor\Comedian Jim Carrey Going To Trial For Mvrd3ring His Ex GF Says Her Estranged Husband!

Korean Store Owner Sentenced To 8 Years For Shusting Unarmed Black Man In The Back During Robbery!

Last Facebook Post Of Woman Who D1ed In A Fiery Car Crash Where Texting And Driving Were The Issue

Black Men On Youtube & Their Unhealthy Obsession With Tommy Sotomayor

Black Radio Host Tommy Sotomayor Forces @Google To Change The Images Of Black Women In Its Searches!

Black Mom of 4 Sh0t & K1IIed By Seattle Police While She Was Pregnant With Her 5th Child

NYPD Officer Caught [email protected] 15 Year Old Female On Video In A Jail Cell??? Come On Man!

7 Year Old NC Girl Sh0t, As Many As 13 Times With Over 20 Bullet Holes In Her Body!

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The Testimony of Becki Percy #pizzagate

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