Surgeon Pleads Guilty For What He Did To Helpless Patients Who Were Knocked Out

Surgeon Pleads Guilty For What He Did To Helpless Patients Who Were Knocked OutSource and content: tend to worry before a surgery, and for good reason. Nobody likes to “go under the knife,” but at least you can feel safe, knowing that your doctor is doing his best to treat you. That trust is vital to the success and recovery of a patient. Unfortunately, one surgeon severely took advantage of not only this trust but his patients’ vulnerability. Now, he’s in hot water, and you’ll never believe what he’s guilty of doing.In the past, surgeries were long and dangerous processes. Doctors had to cut patients open using scalpels. They would expose portions of the body to the open air. Often patients were in danger of bacterial infections, especially if the surgeon didn’t close fast enough.These days, modern tools make surgery far less dangerous. Robotics and precision instruments greatly reduce the risk of infection. These devices make surgery almost a routine experience. Thanks to this technology, many lives have been saved.One doctor, however, decided to abuse one of his tools. As it turns out, he was using an argon beam on patients’ livers improperly. What for? Oh, just to burn his initials into them.A British surgeon admitted to using a laser beam to carve his initials into two patient’s livers during transplant operations.The surgeon, Simon Bramhall, 53, pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of assault in Birmingham Crown Court, central England, after he left “SB” etched on the internal organs of a man and a woman during procedures in 2013.Bramhall used an argon beam coagulator, which seals bleeding blood vessels with an electric beam, to make his mark. [Source: Fox News]That’s just weird. Did Bramhall think he was signing their bodies, like a canvas? Did he think he was some kind of artist?Listen, if a doctor saved my life, I’d be appreciative. However, that doesn’t mean I want his initials burned into my organs.Apparently, the initials would have faded. And, honestly, who would have noticed? Bramhall was just having a little bit of fun, except there was a problem — and people did notice.Liver surgeons use an argon beam to stop livers bleeding, but can also use the beam to burn the surface of the liver to sketch out the area of an operation.It is usually not harmful and the marks would normally disappear.But the female patient’s liver did not heal itself in the normal way and the initials were found in a follow-up operation, it is alleged. [Source: Telegraph]What’s so interesting about this case is that the court didn’t know how to proceed. After Bramhall pleaded guilty, they were in a bit of a pickle. As it turns out, this is the first time a British surgeon was caught branding his initials on patients’ organs.“This has been a highly unusual and complex case, both within the expert medical testimony served by both sides and in law,” said prosecutor Tony Badenoch while addressing the court after the pleas, reports Telegraph. “It is factually, so far as we have been able to establish, without legal precedent in criminal law.”Regardless of the lack of precedent, the prosecutors were convinced that what Bramhall did was ethically and criminally wrong. I would have to agree.Bramhall was caught burning his initials into at least two patients. Could there have been more? Who knows. And, was this the extent of his reckless behavior? What else could he have been up to during surgeries? What about the people who assisted him? Did they notice what he was doing? If so, why didn’t they report it?The doctor, who resigned after the discovery, is out on bail. He will be sentenced on January 12. It remains to be seen what kind of punishment he will face, but it could be perhaps a heavy fine or even jail time.What do you think of the doctor’s actions? Would you feel comfortable knowing your surgeon did this to you? Be sure to let us know what you think. A story like this is worthy of sharing. Feel free to pass it along.SHARE the story and leave a comment by clicking one of the buttons below. FOLLOW us on Facebook at Mad World News!

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