How to fix Steam no internet connection

Credit to the song : Let you go by The ChainsmokersIn this video i will show you how to fix Steam no internet connection Step 1 : open the file folder of the steamStep 2 : delete all except "steam.exe" "Steamapps" Step 3: Click the "steam.exe" and wait to finish .Step 4 : After you reinstall Steam Right click on the "Steam.exe" and click "Create shortcut"Step 5 : Once you created a shortcut right click on the shortcut and type " -tcp" in the end of "target"Step 5 : Enjoy!! It will get fixed 100% trust me :)----------------------------------------------------------------------If still not working on you, i can make you a CLEAR tutorial and other way to fix it, Comment if you dont get my steps, I will help you fast!------------------------------------THANKS FOR WATCHING!HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO!HIT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEO!IM NINJA AND IM SIGNING OUT! :)~Ninja--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q: What im using to record the game?A: Fraps / OPSQ: What im using to edit video(s)A: Sony Vegas Pro 13Q: What is my PC spec?A: Intel(R) Core(TM)i3-2330 CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz 4GB 64-Operating System Intel(HD) 2000Follow me on :Instagram: : : [email protected]: [email protected]

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