HOW TO GET ARCEUS! 2ND CHANCE! Mythical Pokemon Event! Pokemon XY Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Tutorial

➤Get your FREE #MythicalPokemon Event #ARCEUS if you missed out on the event in August! Go to #MysteryGift in #Pokemon #XY #OmegaRuby and #AlphaSapphire! Make sure to grab your Event Arceus from the Mystery GIft via the Code and use Code ARCEUS20 for North America, and ARCEUS2016 for Europe! Leave a #LIKE and #SUBSCRIBE for more #Pokemon content & also for #PokemonSun & #PokemonMoon Videos too! :DARCEUS 2ND CHANCE CODES:● North America: ARCEUS20● Europe: ARCEUS2016Previous Video ➤➤ Mythical Pokemon Collection: Arceus TCG Box Opening: Arceus event comes at Level 100 And has the moves Judgement, Recover, Hyper Beam, and Perish Song! Make sure to grab your 2nd Chance Event from the Mystery Gift via the Internet! Let me know your thoughts on Arceus! NOTE: This is NOT able to be done in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon! The ONLY way to get Meloetta in Pokemon Sun and Moon, is to transfer via PokeBank, which PokeBank will be updated January 1st, 2017 to allow Pokemon From Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire & XY to be Transferred to Pokemon Sun and Moon."For those of you in Europe, Australia & North America, a second chance event for Arceus has gone live in both North America and Europe on XY & ORAS. In North America, this is through the code ARCEUS20 and in Europe it's through the code ARCEUS2016 and these codes can be redeemed until December 31st 2016. It won't work if you obtained Arceus during the events held around the world earlier this year." - Serebii● Serebii Information: 2nd Chance Arceus event is now available on Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire games. This event is available through Mystery Gift, Receive Gift, Get Via Code and use ARCEUS20 for North America, and ARCEUS2016 for Europe! This gives you the Mythical Pokémon Arceus, which can't be found in the wild. This event is only running through to December 31st so get while you can. It'll be added on North American games later today.➤ Become a SPONSOR and Get Special Perks!­---------------------● SUN & MOON WONDER TRADE PLAYLIST:● SUN & MOON REVERSE GTS PLAYLIST:● POKEMON ORAS/XY REVERSE GTS PLAYLIST:● SHINY HUNTING LIVE:● RANDOMIZER SHINY HUNTING:● POKEMON SUN AND MOON INFO:● POKEMON TCG PACK OPENINGS: TO GET MELOETTA! Mythical Pokemon Event - Pokemon XY Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire TutorialJoin the #SheerForce TODAY! ❖ SOCIAL MEDIA ❖Subscribe ➤ Channel ➤ on Twitter ➤ Facebook ➤ on Instagram ➤ on Vine ➤ Google+ ➤ Streams ➤🌀 Join the #SheerForce Discord Server 🌀🎨 OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE 🎨Merch Store ➤👕 Use Code HYDROS to get 10% OFF Pokemon Apparel 👕🎧 Music in Video 🎧 Glitchxcity ➤ ➤🎨 Images/Art Used in Thumbnails/Videos 🎨Xous54 ➤$upport Me on Patreon 💵­---------------------Pokemon Owned By Nintendo GameFreak.This video is owned by HydrosPlays, unless images/music specified in above description.Footage recorded for fair use and intended for educational purposes, the art of battling/trading/gaming.

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