HOW TO GET A FREE GENESECT!!! - February 2017 Mystery Gift Event!

What's going on Pokemon Trainers, It's John here from 4Gamers with a quick video about how to get a free Genesect in Pokemon X&Y or ORAS! With the release of Pokebank you could easily transfer it to Sun and Moon and put it to good use, so be sure to claim yours before the month ends!Thanks to Assisting Rotom for bringing this event to my attention! (Sorry I said Assisted in the video lol)North America Code: GENESECT20Europe and other parts of the world besides Japan: GENESECT2016Europe Also gets a Happy Hour Meowth Code: HAPPYSerebii Current/Upcoming Events: Provided by GlitchxCity rights to Pokemon media used in this video are reserved to their respective owners.

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