Genesis - Firth of Fifth Piano Intro - Sheet Music + PDF

A sheet music transcription of the piano intro to Firth of Fifth by Genesis from the album Selling England by the Pound.PDF at first worked this out by ear when I was 14 (around 40 years ago!) and, amazingly, I've only had to tweak one or two notes from my original effort!I've seen a few other transcriptions floating around on the net, but I am positive that this is the closest.Every other transcription I've seen makes the same mistake at the end of bar 2 (and bars 6 & 27) of having straight C major triads.Some of them have other errors too, but that is the main one in all of them.Consequently, every performance I've seen on the net repeats this error - with the honourable exception of Massimo Bucci! the original, Tony plays what is written in this score - a C7 chord made up of the C octave bass combined with the G, Bb and E of the chord.And yes, bar 6 is deliberately slightly different to bar 2 - it's how Tony played it on the album so... :)If you really do think there is anything incorrect, please feel free to comment although I think that this is pretty much the mutt's nuts! :)I've messed around with the tempo in places so as to try to give it a more human feel.It's scored and played back using Sibelius 7.5 with 4Front's TruePianos (Emerald) plug-in.I will possibly upload a full piano transcription of the whole piece - the way I play it - sometime...I've also finished my rendition of Mad Man Moon...Please visit my channel for further vids :)

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