Final Fantasy VII: High Res Mods All Limits Tifa's 7th Heaven Mod

This wasn't use with bootleg mod tool, but with the new Tifa's 7th Heaven mod tool. So since alot of ya didn't like the Advent Children Video I made a couple years ago I finally decided to put this video together with all limits using the original high res models from I will not upload files b/c the links and info are already out there for you to check out. Links/Tutorial belowTutorial: you need is there to get exactly what you see hereSpecial thanks to EQ2Alyza and those who put together awesome mods to make this game what it should be.Music used:Daniel Lambie - Let The Battles Begin (Metal Version)Escape The Fate - The GuillotineFinal Fantasy VII & VI - Boss Battle (Metal Cover)Final Fantasy III The Landing (Metal Version)Final Fantasy VII- Death of Aerith (Aerith's Theme + J-E-N-O-V-A)

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