Final Fantasy 7(FF7) Graphic's mod (Tifa's Bootleg/Final Heaven) Working Steam Version

Music: "The butcher" by Radiohead. They own the rights and not me!There is a lot of confusion w/ this particular mod about if it works for steam or not. Being that you are downloading and allocating almost 20 gigs of files for this mod having some evidence that it is going to work would but many people at ease...*****Here's the link to everything you will need for this particular mod: TIFAS BOOTLEG HAS BEEN REPLACED BY TIFAS FINAL HEAVEN: will be updating the guide for 7th Heaven/Final Heaven soon!This is just a short clip of the battle square in gold saucer. Thought that would be a nice area to show off the battle visuals. ***REMINDER*** This mod will not work if you install under a system folder, (C:)Program Files (x86), for example. But if you download from steam how do you choose your install folder?Go to your steam settings and click the "downloads" or "downloads+clouds" tab. There are 4 drop down bars here, 3 on the left, 1 on the right. The bottom left option should say "steam library folders"Click that. Then click "Add Library Folder" to add a new steam files folder. Tifa's tutorial will be easier to follow if you name this folder "games" and separate this folder from your current steam library. ***ALSO***You don't have to remove the file's that steam places in the new library for this mod to work.I have 3 hard drives and a SSD, so I changed my library to my media drive just for FF7 and the mod files. The tutorial explains the rest but this is how you ensure your files are in the right spot for using the steam download.So all and all this mod looks great and runs well. Even for the steam version. The only thing to keep in mind is you lose the steam overlay and achievements. Most of the achievements aren't very exciting anyways. So this is not an issue for most people.

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